Pfspd file format

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PFSPD File Format
Length Type Description
Global data file header record (mandatory part)
7 i Number of images
5 i Number of components per image
5 i Number of file descriptor records (incl. auxiliary header records)
5 i Number of auxiliray data records
25 a Application type = "VIDEO                    "
7 i Bytes per record (minimum 64)
1 a Endian code ('A' = big endian)
5 i Number of auxiliary header records
4 - RESERVED for future extension
Global data file header record (non-mandatory part)
12 n+ Image frequency [Hz]
12 n+ Line Frequency [kHz]
12 n+ Pixel sampling frequency [MHz]
6 i Active lines
6 i Active pixels
2 i Interlace factor
5 i Horizontal proportional picture size
5 i Vertical proportional picture size
4 - RESERVED for future extension
File descriptor records (optional)
64 * Descriptive text
Auxiliary header records (optional, contained in File descriptor records)
These records form a contiguous block of data, containing a list of variable length sub-headers.
Auxiliary sub-header
8 i Length of this subheader (including this field)
16 a Auxiliary component code
8 i Maximum bytes per image (maxlen)
16 - RESERVED for future extension (spaces)
len-48 a Description (interpreted by application)
Final sub-header
8 i "       8" (indicates end-of-list)
Header record of signal component (mandatory part)
6 i Number of lines per image
6 i Number of pixels per line
4 a Data format
48 - RESERVED for future extension
Header record of signal component (non-mandatory part)
2 i Temporal subsampling factor
2 i Line subsampling factor
2 i Pixel subsampling factor
2 i Temporal phase shift
2 i Line phase shift
2 i Pixel phase shift
5 a Component code
47 - RESERVED for future extension
Auxiliary data records
These records form a contiguous block of data, containing a sequence of variable length auxiliary data.
The length of each auxiliary data chunk is described in the corresponding auxiliary sub-header.
8 i Actual data length
maxlen * The data (padded with zeroes to max length indicated in aux header)
Only the first 64 bytes of a record are used to store information. The remaining length will be padded with spaces.
Exception to this are file descriptor records, auxiliary header records and auxiliary data records, which utilize
the full record length (padded with spaces or zeroes where required).
record 64 bytes or more. Length is constant within a file
mandatory Must always be present. Describes file structure.
non-mandatory Must always be present. Contains vital additional information
i [ ]*[ 0-9]*
n+ Fortran type real e.g. 1.3E-3
a ASCII characters (range 20-128)
- " " or ASCII 0
* Data bytes

Authors: Harold Schmeitz Bram Riemens

Philips Research Laboratories, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
CVS id: $Id: fileformat.html,v 1.2 2006/01/27 08:44:43 riemens Exp $

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