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pT_component Struct Reference
[Pfspd header definition]

#include <cpfspd.h>

Detailed Description

Information of one image component

Data Fields

int lin_image
int pix_line
char data_fmt [P_SDATA_FMT+1]
int tem_sbsmpl
int lin_sbsmpl
int pix_sbsmpl
int tem_phshft
int lin_phshft
int pix_phshft
char com_code [P_SCOM_CODE+1]

Field Documentation

int pT_component::lin_image

lines per image

int pT_component::pix_line

pixels per line

char pT_component::data_fmt[P_SDATA_FMT+1]

data format code (e.g. B*8, I*2)

int pT_component::tem_sbsmpl

temporal subsampling (must be 1)

int pT_component::lin_sbsmpl

line subsampling

int pT_component::pix_sbsmpl

pixel subsampling

int pT_component::tem_phshft

temporal phase shift

int pT_component::lin_phshft

line phase shift

int pT_component::pix_phshft

pixel phase shift

char pT_component::com_code[P_SCOM_CODE+1]

component code (e.g. Y, U/V, R)

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