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This is the home page of the pfspd tool set. PFSPD (Philips File Standard for Pictoral Data) is a file format for the storage of uncompressed video sequences with arbitrary word width, color space and number of components.

This project started at the initiative of some individuals working for Philips Research in the field of video signal processing algorithms and the design of dedicated and programmable hardware architectures to execute such algoritms. It gained momentum when a Philips' internal "innersource initiative" established a sourceforge server at Philips intranet around 2001. This aided in building a larger community arount the file format and toolset. In 2005, it was decided to bring this software under the (L)GPL and open it to the general public. Currently, the project is hosted at

Interested in video signal processing or video file formats? Feel free to subscribe to our mailing list.

This project contains a set of utilities to access, view and play pfspd files. It consists of the following main components:

Main users can be found in research and development of video signal processing applications and their implementations.

Project philosophy: The main pager for everyone that is interested in these tools; using them or developing them. So: read it please!

Developers guide: More generic information for developers (setup of infrastructure, development tools, method, makefiles, debugging etc.).

CVS guide: A short, generic CVS introduction showing a few cvs commands that do all the work. CVS is the software management system used for this project, so this page is also mandatory reading material for developers.

Cpfspd API: The API description, generated from the source code by Doxygen.

File format: A telegram style description of the format of the pfspd file.

History: A short overview of the history of the file format and the project.

FAQ: Well, ehh, the usual frequently asked questions. We intend to grow this page as the questions appear frequent :-)


Main development is done by (alphabetic order): Bram Riemens, Harold Schmeitz, Hendrik te Winkel, Kees van Zon, Martijn van Balen, Ralph Braspenning, Robert Jan Schutten.

Feedback on generic approach and specifications by: Kees van Zon, Eric Kathmann, Jeroen Stessen and many others.

The pp (realtime pfspd player) is derived from the tripblit program that was developed by Koen Meinds.

The pv (pfspd viewer) is based on the wxWindows package (recently renamed to wxWidgets); this allowed us to run this graphical application on both UNIX and MSWindows platforms. More info can be found at

We tribute the Philips Sourceforge crew, especially Auke Jilderda and Peter van Hooft. Their initiative to setup and maintain a sourceforge server boosted the development of this software!

Finally, we appreciate the services offered by that provide us with a high quality and easy to use platform.

Author: Bram Riemens

Philips Research Laboratories, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
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