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pT_header Struct Reference
[Pfspd header definition]

#include <cpfspd.h>

Detailed Description

pfspd header

Data Fields

int nr_images
int nr_compon
int nr_fd_recs
int nr_aux_data_recs
char appl_type [P_SAPPL_TYPE+1]
int bytes_rec
int little_endian
int nr_aux_hdr_recs
double ima_freq
double lin_freq
double pix_freq
int act_lines
int act_pixel
int interlace
int h_pp_size
int v_pp_size
pT_component comp [P_PFSPD_MAX_COMP]
char description [P_SDESCRIPTION]
int disable_hdr_checks
int modified
unsigned long offset_lo
unsigned long offset_hi
unsigned char aux_hdrs [P_SAUX_HDR]

Field Documentation

int pT_header::nr_images

int pT_header::nr_compon

int pT_header::nr_fd_recs

int pT_header::nr_aux_data_recs

char pT_header::appl_type[P_SAPPL_TYPE+1]

int pT_header::bytes_rec

int pT_header::little_endian

int pT_header::nr_aux_hdr_recs

double pT_header::ima_freq

double pT_header::lin_freq

double pT_header::pix_freq

int pT_header::act_lines

int pT_header::act_pixel

int pT_header::interlace

int pT_header::h_pp_size

int pT_header::v_pp_size

pT_component pT_header::comp[P_PFSPD_MAX_COMP]

char pT_header::description[P_SDESCRIPTION]

int pT_header::disable_hdr_checks

int pT_header::modified

unsigned long pT_header::offset_lo

unsigned long pT_header::offset_hi

unsigned char pT_header::aux_hdrs[P_SAUX_HDR]

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